Open Bench Rental is available for students to practice and experiment on their own between classes.

Available during normal Retail Hours (Wednesday-Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday 11-4) and for Extended Hours by reservation. Reservations made at the studio, by messenger through Facebook, by emailing us at, or by calling us at 970-765-0654!

Individual benches, hand tools, soldering, and polishing equipment are all available to those using Open Bench Rental time. All materials (metals and consumables) will be available for purchase throughout all Open Bench Rental times in the retail area of Colorado High-Grade Silver Studios.

Open Bench Rental time may be reserved with prepayment, otherwise, it’s available on a first-come-first-served basis. In order to utilize Open Bench Rental, all students must be signed-off on safety knowledge and tool care from one of the Colorado High-Grade partners.

Fees are $15 per hour, $13 per hour if you purchase 5 hours at a time, $10 per hour if you purchase 10 hours at a time!